Cooling Wear

Hydroweave cooling vest. These Chill Out! vests stay cool for up to 8 hours while riding in hot weather! Used by desert racers, street riders, motocross racers and road racers.

These vests are NOT the crystal or gel type which tend to slump and degrade over a short time.

Hydroweave distributes cooling through an advanced fibrous batting, is lightweight and has a high-tech microporous lining to let heat escape. Machine wash for easy care and they'll last season after season (up to 200 washes). Activate by soaking for 10 minutes. After 4-8 hours you may need to resoak which you can do in provided sealing bag. Let vest dry out and use as an insulating layer. Great layered over T-shirt and under jacket. Water resistant backing also means you won't be soaking wet if layered over t-shirt. For off-road use layer under armor.


Please note: men's vest features side waist adjustment straps, does not have a collar. Available in grey with black trim.

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