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Have you ever been frustrated when it comes to cleaning and lubricating your drive chain, creating an enormous mess to your bikes, your hands, and your garage?
Well KettenMax is the answer! The KettenMax system allows you to both clean and lubricate your chain in an enclosed environment, so no messy residue is release. The special internal brush system both cleans the chain thoroughly in a safe manner, and then allows you to lubricate your chain, getting the lube in both the right places and in the right consistency.

  • The lubricant is applied extremely sparingly and precisely to the inside of the chain where it is needed most and brushed in.
  • Throw off is drastically reduced to a minimum.
  • Considerable lengthening of the service life of the drive chain.
  • In a matter of minutes both the chain and pinion are cleaned and lubricated.
  • Cleaning agents are sprayed onto the chain exactly where required. Thannks to the brush segments complete and careful cleaning of the chain, O (X) rings of the chain and pinion is ensured.
  • Contaminated cleaning agents and excess lubricant is collected via a drain and can be disposed of in an envirnmentally friendly manner.
  • No contamiination of tyres, rims, frames or roadways.

Kettenmax Classic Replacement Brushes

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Item description

Complete Set of spare-brushes, 9 parties:
3 Spray brushes
2 Brush stripper
4 Cleaning brushes lateral

Kettenmax Premium Chain Cleaner

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The completely new developed KETTENMAX Premium improved significantlyin application and offers additional advantages:

  • For each chain width the suitable lateral brushes are included. Easy brush selection by provided coloured templates. Cutting of lateral brushes is not necessary.
  • More compact dimension, simple positioning on the chain, also within the range of the rim.
  • More firmly and closely seal by new construction of top- and bottom box, improved closure.
  • The drain bag will be fastened directly to the KETTENMAX (bottom box). Contaminated cleaning solution as well as any excess lubricant will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. The drain bag is re-usable. A closed, clean and environmentally friendly cycle.
  • Simple adjustment by the new quick-lock mechanism. Depending upon design of the motorcycle the KETTENMAX can be hang up at the front, in the back and or on both sides.
  • The best liquid cleaner as well as the ideal chain spray is already included. S 100 developed a new product for the application with the KETTENMAX and ensures an optimal co-ordinated effect.
  • Smaller size of KETTENMAX and small luggage measure of cleaner and lubricant. Ideally to take it along on tour.
  • High quality material, stable method of construction, long service life, fantastic design.
  • Problem-free post supply of wear parts, the liquid cleaner and chain spray by direct dispatch or in the specialized trade shop.

Advantage of a chain treated with KETTENMAX

  • The whole drive set (chain and pinion) will be perfectly cleaned, lubricated and protected against rust.
  • Extension of service life of chain by 200 - 300%, thereby cost saving regarding replacement.
  • Clearly less maintenance effort. A chain treated with KETTENMAX will be less stretched for around 30%, that means much more kilometres up to the next retightening.
  • More power at the rear wheel. The friction of the chain is a cause for the power loss between engine and tire. A chain treated with KETTENMAX reduces the friction noticeable and brings more HP on the rear wheel.
  • No lubricant gets on the rear tire. This effect is reached by proportioned injecting of small lubricant quantities and also by exact laying on and distributing. Tested in racing sport.
  • No spraying of lubricant on to the frame and rim. Lubricant is applied sparingly through the KETTENMAX - system directly at the important inside of chain.
  • Minimum consumption of cleaner and lubricant. Everything is applied exactly where it is needed. No wastage. That helps saving of costs and preserves the environment.
  • Smooth and silent motion of the chain, easy gear shift. The chain treated with KETTENMAX avoid striking, rattling and squeaking. A quiet chain run and accurate gear shifting with minimum energy expenditure are reward of the treatment.
  • Increased safety. Insufficient or superficial treatment is usually a cause for a chain tear. Increased friction and heat lead to premature wear and weaken the chain. The chain treated with KETTENMAX will avoid it effectively and maintains an important contribution to driving safety.

Kettenmax Premium Replacement Brushes

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Item description

Complete set of spare-brushes, 21 pieces3 Spray brushes
2 Brush stripper
4x4 Cleaning brushes lateral