Sports Rack / Carrier

Add soft luggage carrying capability to your motorbike. A Renntec Sports Rack, Carrier or Luggage Touring Rack is a reliable accessory for your motorcycle.  Designed and manufactured in the UK for each motorcycle model, Renntec Sports Racks, Carriers and Luggage Touring Racks are the combination of 25 years of experience in the design and manufacture of quality motorcycle accessories.  All products are designed to be bike specific and to be fitted without modification to your bike and are finished in a polyester powder coating. Each product comes with full fitting kit and instructions.


Don't pay over the top prices for big name units where the manufacturer tries to void your warranty and charge you an additional premium if you choose not to use their overpriced luggage.


Renntec racks are warranted regardless of luggage brand used, provided they are not overloaded. With all luggage racks, refer to your motorcycle manual for maximum weights.