Frame Sliders / Knobs

Frame sliders, frame protectors, crash bungs, O..y knobs, or just O..y's (We're not allowed to mention the last two, they are actual trade-marks) are all commonly used terms for any brand of crash protector.


Quality varies significantly between brands with lesser brands regularly causing more damage than no protection at all.

Many well known local and international brands use lower cost hi-tensile bolts that bend in low speed crashes and potentially snap at higher speeds.

 R&G use an additional heat treatment process to de-brittle bolts designed to survive even track speed crashes. 1/2 sets are available at fractionally over 1/2 the price of the full set should you have the misfortune to prove the high level of protection provided by R&G.

With R&G products most bikes do not need fairing modifications, however those that do are mostly easy to modify with foolproof instructions.

Some well known brands use 'L' brackets to avoid drilling the fairing with the danger of the bracket flexing or collapsing and transferring magnified load to the frame and engine castings in a crash. (ZX10R's prone to cylinder head cracks, GSXR600/750 cracked fairings with some popular local brands).

When considering the 'L' bracket option used by many inferior brands to avoid trimming or drilling your fairing, consider, are you purchasing this product to provide profession crash protection, or just for looks? Also consider, do you intend to remove the crash protectors before selling the bike? Some customers are concerned about leaving a hole in the fairing should they remove the protectors, however we have yet to find a customer who removed their crash protectors from their old bike when upgrading to a newer model. The installation of a superior brand of crash protector is most often an added selling point


We are confident we offer what is by far the world's best crash protection,

- as used and recommended by the California Superbike School


R&G Racing crash protectors are, to our knowledge, the only crash protector approved by an insurance company and backed with a policy discount when fitted.


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