WIMA is a world-wide organisation which aims to promote and encourage motorcycling amongst women. It was founded in 1950 in the USA and has since spread to many countries around the world.

The modern Australian division began life in Adelaide in 1985 and now WIMA members are scattered throughout Australia (and the rest of the world) with representatives and organised activities in most States. New members become the recipients of the friendship and support this vast network offers. Membership of the Australian Division entitles you to all of this as well as a quarterly newsletter with news of past and future events around Australia and overseas, and motorcycling information.

Women don't have to ride or own their own bikes to become a member. Our association is for women who are interested in motorcycling in any form and wish to support motorcycling amongst women. Most activities include men as partners and friends and they are welcome at rides, rallies and events. WIMA is an energetic cheerful crowd from many different walks of life. Our members include couriers, secretaries, mums, home-makers, health workers, posties, teachers and many others.

Currently, membership costs $20 per year (but only $10 if you join after July 31). Membership entitles you to the quarterly WIMA Australia Newsletter, any State newsletters, sponsor discounts and low-cost WIMA merchandise. You're welcome to come along to a meeting or on a ride with us before you join. Prospective members are always welcome.