Rego Holders / Number Plate Lights

Remove the ugly stock rego label holder and fit one of our PATENTED rectangular or tubular AMC Premium Rego Holders.

AMC Premium Rego Tube

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AMC Premium Rego Tube

Our patented Rego Tube is designed to allow easy inspection of the label.

We are confident this is the best rego tube available anywhere at any price.

NEW: Compact style Rego Holder now available - Click on the picture on the left to see all options.

The New Compact style is 147mm long (160mm for standard Tapered and Grooved) with a slight radius to the flat end cap. All other dimensions the same.

Available in three stylish designs, grooved, tapered and compact in 5 hard anodized colours,  Blue, Black, Gold, Red and Silver, plus Chrome.

The bracket is alloy in anodized black.

The end caps are CNC machined with internal seals to provide a water and dust proof seal, while allowing the tube to be rotated for inspection of the label.

Screws and washers are in stainless steel for a long lasting rust free appearance. Supplied with instructions and clear contact to prevent the label sticking to the inside of the tube.