Indicators - LED Type

LED indicators are brighter and more stylish than bulb type indicators. In some cases it will be necessary to fit a load balancer to maintain the correct flash rate. Note: AMC consider these assemblies to be a fashion accessory and recommend use with the standard indicators.

This product is non ADR approved (even though many are approved for European standards which are more stringent).   

Prices per pair unless otherwise noted.

Dual Load Equaliser

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This Dual-Load Equalizer is designed to fix the problem when you have changed your stock directionals to L.E.D. turn signals and they flash quickly or not at all.

NOTE: The security key light will still be lit on late model Harley-Davidsons equipped with the factory security system even with this Dual-Load Equalizer installed.  However, the security system is still fully functional and cannot be damaged in any way.

Dependable Solid-state electronic components.
Weather Proof - potted with soft cell technology to prevent wire chaffing and damage.

Dimension: 2 1/4” L x 1 5/8” W x 5/8” H
Mounting: It is recommended that the module be mounted in a location not subject to extreme heat conditions.
Secure to flat surface with double sided VHB tape.