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The GIpro is a Gear Indicator with built-in Advanced Timing Retard Eliminator. This combo unit is not only the most advanced Gear Indicator on the market, but also the best TRE device available for Suzuki motorcycles.

Gear Indicators compute gear position from engine and wheel speed, while the GIpro reads the Gear Position Sensor directly. This is why the GIpro gives faster and more reliable readings under any conditions.

The built-in Advanced TRE improves part-throttle response in lower gears and disables the speed limiter. By default this function is turned off, and can be activated by the touch of a button. ATRE combines all the benefits of different types of TRE available today, in one single unit.
ATRE is a Switchable + Remappable + Smart + Automatic TRE.

Auto Brightness Controller ensures that display brightness is always optimal. The sensitivity level can be even fine tuned if desired. The GIpro installs in about 10 minutes and works out of the box. No cumbersome learning process is involved. The unit works together with other aftermarket electronics, such as the SpeedoHealer and Power Commander.
 The product you ALL have been waiting for:  2 functions in 1 unit ! 

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GSX-R600 (2001-2010), GSX-R750 (1998-2010), GSX-R1000 (2001-2010),

GSX1400 (2001-2009), SV1000 (2003-2009),

TL1000R/S (1998-2003)

also fits Cagiva Navigator (2000-2006), Cagiva Raptor 1000 (2000-2006)


GSX1300R Hayabusa (1999-2010), DL1000 V-Strom (2002-2010), GSF650 Bandit (2007-2010), GSF1250 Bandit (2007-2010), Boulevard C109R/T (2008-2010), M90 (2009-2010), M109R (2006-2010), M109R2 (2008-2010), Intruder C1800R (2008-2010), M1500 (2009-2010), M1800R (2006-2010), M1800R2 (2008-2010), VLR1800 (2008-2010), VZ1500 (2009-2010), VZR1800 (2006-2010)

also fits Kawasaki KLV1000 (2004-2006)


SV650 (2003-2010)

also fits Cagiva Raptor 650 (2003-2008)


DL650 V-Strom (2004-2010)


TL1000S (1997 only)


Boulevard C50 (2005-2010), C90 (2005-2010), M50 (2005-2010),

Intruder C800 (2005-2010), M800 (2005-2010), C1500 (2005-2009), VL800 Intruder Volusia (2005-2010), VL1500 Intruder (2005-2009), VZ800 Marauder (2005-2010)



ZX-10R (2004-2005)


ZX-10R (2006-2010)


ZX-14 (2006-2010), ZZR1400 (2006-2010),

Concours 14 (2008-2010), 1400GTR (2008-2010)

GIPRO-K04 (Without  ATRE- Just Indicator)

ZX-12R (2000-2003)


Vulcan 2000 (2004-2007), VN2000 (2004-2007)



Rocket III Standard/Touring (2004-2010)


Rocket III Roadster (2010)

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New from the makers of the Speedo Healer and Gi-Pro

The X-TRE power box from HealTech Electronics Ltd. was designed for Japanese motorcycles originally equipped with a Gear Position Indicator.

X-TRE is an Advanced Timing Retard Eliminator, which preserves the function of the original Gear Indicator. It is achieved by having a microchip encode/decode the communication link between the ECM and dashboard, in real time. This feature is unique, as other TRE modules on the market disable the factory gear indicator.

The module improves partial-throttle response, low-end torque and acceleration in gears 1 through 3, and by-passes the speed limiter on 1000cc+ bikes (GSX-R1000, GSX1300R Hayabusa, B-King). The unit automatically turns of the mapping in Neutral for smooth idle operation. Just like our GIpro/ATRE, the X-TRE comes with user selectable gear maps, offering the same benefits and flexibility for the customer. But from now on, there is no need to mount an aftermarket gear indicator when the bike already has one. For bikes which do not have OEM indicator, the GIpro/ATRE is still the best option on the market today.

Another feature is the ability to simply review the gear map in use. The unit mounts under the fuel tank, out of view, but the innovative button-less design makes it possible to review and select maps while seating on the bike.

X-TRE works well with, or without other aftermarket electronics, such as the Power Commander and  The tiny box installs in about 25 minutes on most bikes. For the most part, it connects through OEM plugs, only one wire should be cut during the install. We bundle top quality, gel-sealed quick connects to make quick, simple and reliable connections without the need for soldering

Suzuki   Kawasaki
GSX-R600 (2006-2010) XT-S01 ZX-6R (2007-2010) XT-K01
GSX-R750 (2006-2010) XT-S01 ZX-10R (2008-2010) XT-K01
GSX-R1000 (2005-2010) XT-S01
GSR400 (2006-2010) XT-S01
GSR600 (2006-2010) XT-S01
GSX650 (2008-2010) XT-S01
GSX1250FA (2010) XT-S01
GSX1300R (2008-2010) XT-S01
B-King (2008-2010) XT-S01
SFV650 (2009-2010) XT-S01
Gladius (2009-2010) XT-S01