CrampBuster 1 Standard - 1 1/8" diameter - Black

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The original Crampbuster for standard grips

Q. How does it work?

A. There are no moving parts or tools required. It works on the principle of an oil filter wrench. Simply"stretch" it open and snap it on the outside of your grip. It will rotate clockwise (upward for adjustment) but when turned "counter clockwise" (downward) by the weight of your palm it "pinches" and the throttle is pulled open.

To Go Faster, simply lift it a little (causing it to rotate up clockwise) then rest your palm back on it.

To Go Slower, simply spin it up clockwise completely around until it comes up into a position "a little lower" than before.

Q. How much is it?

A. All six models are the same price - $10.95

Q. What size do I need?

A. There are two diameters; the "Standard" is 1 1/8" diameter and fits most stock grips. The "Oversize" which is 1 3/8" diameter and is designed mainly for the larger grips. Your grip needs to be larger than 1 3/8" diameter or the oversize will only slip and not work. If your grip is 1 3/8" or smaller you need the Standard CrampBuster.

With both diameters you have a choice - the narrow model or the new short/wide model, which is also available in black or chrome plated plastic finish.

Standard - 1 1/8" diameter
CB1 Long narrow paddle
CB2 Short wide paddle
CB2-C Chrome plated plastic /
Short wide paddle

Oversize - 1 3/8" diameter
CB3 Long narrow paddle
CB4 Short wide paddle
CB4-C Chrome plated plastic /
Short wide paddle